I have a love hate relationship with love hate relationships! Target has got to be the epitome of this. Why are you so good to me Target? I don’t deserve you! I am constantly buying, returning, buying, exchanging, sending you on a profit rollercoaster. I gossip behind your back about how manipulative you are, forcing me to buy things that I don’t want to. Yet you keep showering me with amazing products! Target is such a good friend! It’s like they are inside my brain, giving me everything I never even knew I wanted or needed! I hate how much I love you!

Just when I thought that Target couldn’t impress me any more than they already do, they go and start selling Dolce Vita shoes! This is such a cool brand of shoes that I have loved for a long long time, and now here they are at my fingertips in some super cute styles. I should know by now not to under estimate this store’s ability to constantly amaze me, but they just keep on winning me over again and again. These shoes are like a little hug, wink and whisper from them saying “I’m here for you, I got you covered, you can count on me.”

I Love a good flat, and to me a neutral colored flat that can go both super casual or stand up to something a bit more dressy, AND is comfortable at the same time is a shoe match made in heaven! That is what we have here folks, my new favorite flat(s)! When Target offers me new DV shoes in all my favorite neutral colors, in a flat and sandal form, you get one of each. Obviously.

Soo much other good stuff in the shoe department right now. This is why I have such love hate feelings towards this store, they are constantly pointing out my lack of self control. I am sure that tomorrow when I go back, strictly for toilet paper and eggs, I will be saying yes to those wedges that I can’t stop thinking about.


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