Hi there! I am so happy to have you here in my own cute little corner of the Internet! My name is Amy, and I am a lover of indulging in all things pretty and yummy in life. I am a shameless caffeine addict, chocoholic, and wannabe wine connoisseur who loves to redecorate my house at the sight of pretty new pillows. I LOVE my lifestyle as a wife and mom, and treasure all of the amazing, unexpected, delicious, heartwarming, and craziness that it has to offer!

It is here that I share my musings and my attempts at creating beauty, and finding joy in those little, everyday things that happen between my very necessary first cup o’ morning coffee, and even more necessary evening glass(es) of wine.

I truly believe that I fold laundry better with a fresh manicure, grocery shopping is more efficient in a cute new pair of shoes, working out is much more fun when there is a hot pan of brownies waiting for me at home, and cleaning the bathrooms is only bearable if I’m blasting a good playlist. But more than anything, the fact that I’ve got to wake up and do it ALL over again can actually put a smile on my face when there is a good glass of red in my hand!

I have to say… that as a mom of two precious little kiddos, and a wife to a super awesome guy, getting through the day without a good cup of coffee in hand just isn’t pretty. Here you will find ways that I attempt to stay sane through finding little daily indulgences amidst the chaotic and mundane.