I Like Big Bundts And I Cannot Lie

It is not often that I am at a loss for words. But when it comes to chocolate, THISSS chocolate bundt cake in particular, I am basically speechless! Now, it could be that I’m speechless because my mouth is stuffed with this cake, and I don’t have the ability to talk, or the desire to do ANYTHING … Continue Reading

Hello Moto

Gaaahhhh!!! I am freakingggg out over Moto pants right now! I cannot get enough of these in my life! I want to own all of them, in all colors, all fabrics, and wear them at all times! Lord knows I LOVE a legging! But I have always loved the black, smooth, plain, basic, boring leggings. They … Continue Reading

My Mommers

My mom is one of my most favorite people on the planet! She is truly such an amazing woman, and I thank God EVERY day that I get to have her in my life. The influence that she has had on me, my childhood and family growing up, and my own family that I have … Continue Reading

For The Love Of Fringe

I am seriously diggin on some fringe! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some of this fringe trend that seems to be basically everywhere I turn. At first, I looked and sorta admired all this fringy biz from a distance, thinking to myself that it was cute for those kinds of people who really cared about being … Continue Reading

My Lip Stick Schtick

So here is my schtick on Lip Stick… There are few makeup products out there that I love more than lip products! Whether it be a dark, bright, sheer or clear color, there is ALWAYS something on my lips. I don’t need blown out hair or even a put together outfit to feel cute and … Continue Reading

It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

Hellooo beautiful! It has been a long afternoon and I have been dreaming about you, dear wine, allll dayyyy long! So is it wine O’ clock yet?  Because sometimes adulting is hard! Especially when trying to do it somewhat gracefully on those overwhelming, and thankless, and stressful and never-ending days! But fear not my friends!!! We … Continue Reading

I’ll Be At The Barre

I am totally a bar(re) kinda girl! It turns out that the majority of my most favorite things seem to all be somehow bar related! Give me a Wine Bar, Coffee Bar, Chocolate Bar, or a studio to take Barre and I am one very very happy girl! It seems that I have yet to meet a type of bar that … Continue Reading

The Joy of Drinking Coffee

Ahhhh… How good and how necessary is that first cup of coffee! And second, and third too!! But really… It amazes me how much that first cup o’coffee, in a cool mug, nestled snug and warm in your hands can change your outlook on the day! I don’t know about you, but I am NOT a morning person. My first thoughts … Continue Reading

Rah Rah Rah, It’s a Romper

Spring has officially sprung! Woohoo!…. Sort of.  So honestly, Spring is just not really my fave as far as the seasons go. I don’t know if it’s the fact that floral patterns and pastel palettes aren’t really my thing, my allergies go into major overdrive this time of year, Cadbury Eggs kinda gross me out, … Continue Reading

Daily Skin Routine, Lets Be BFF’s

So it turns out aging is real!! I remember the days when ample sleep, vitamins, sunscreen, and a daily skin routine were saved for those super uptight people that I was DEFINITELY not going to be! Well here I am, settling into my thirties, LOVING sleep, wanting vitamins, scared to leave the house without sunscreen, … Continue Reading