Tender Love and Fig Tree Care

I am not a live plant person, but I totally wish I was! Plants immediately begin to die just upon arriving at my house despite my greatest  efforts! Okay… so actually my efforts probably aren’t that great, and that could be a huge part of the problem! But regardless, I really envy those people that … Continue Reading

Two Beautiful Words… Pop Tart

Sooo FYI I am not much of a DIY’er! I love to try every now and then when I get the occasional itch, but typically I prefer to buy things already made in their final, intended form, all parts and pieces already put together! When it comes to food however, I love to DIY! I believe … Continue Reading

Leggings and Heels

If I had a dollar for every time I thought about, wished I had, or wanted to get a pair of amazing leather pants, I would no doubt have enough money to actually buy that perfect pair. There is something about a pair of black leather leggings and heels that is so classic and chic, while still … Continue Reading

Feed Me and Tell Me I’m Pretty

Yep! This super comfy, totally slouchy sweatshirt pretty much sums up my idea of a really good night lately. Feed me and tell me I’m pretty! Ha! Since when did my basic needs for an awesome Friday night get so lame? I don’t know, but I am pretty ok with it. There’s something about finishing up … Continue Reading

Self Inflicted Torture

Going out with my toddler lately is nothing short of pure, self inflicted torture! The screaming, the whining, the throwing, the spilling, the AGONY! And not to mention the looks of disapproval from fellow diners, ughh they are the worst! For such a people pleaser type person like myself, the looks of annoyance on their … Continue Reading

It’s a Love Hate Relationship

I have a love hate relationship with love hate relationships! Target has got to be the epitome of this. Why are you so good to me Target? I don’t deserve you! I am constantly buying, returning, buying, exchanging, sending you on a profit rollercoaster. I gossip behind your back about how manipulative you are, forcing … Continue Reading

Aint No Shame In My No Makeup Game

Hello World! Welcome to the maiden post of It’s A Brunette Thing! My name is Amy, and I live in Orange County, CA with my hubby and two little kiddos. I am SO glad you are here, and I can’t wait to chat it up with you about about my deep love for Fashion, Wine, … Continue Reading