I Like Big Bundts And I Cannot Lie

It is not often that I am at a loss for words. But when it comes to chocolate, THISSS chocolate bundt cake in particular, I am basically speechless! Now, it could be that I’m speechless because my mouth is stuffed with this cake, and I don’t have the ability to talk, or the desire to do ANYTHING … Continue Reading

It’s Wine O’ Clock Somewhere

Hellooo beautiful! It has been a long afternoon and I have been dreaming about you, dear wine, allll dayyyy long! So is it wine O’ clock yet?  Because sometimes adulting is hard! Especially when trying to do it somewhat gracefully on those overwhelming, and thankless, and stressful and never-ending days! But fear not my friends!!! We … Continue Reading

The Joy of Drinking Coffee

Ahhhh… How good and how necessary is that first cup of coffee! And second, and third too!! But really… It amazes me how much that first cup o’coffee, in a cool mug, nestled snug and warm in your hands can change your outlook on the day! I don’t know about you, but I am NOT a morning person. My first thoughts … Continue Reading

Two Beautiful Words… Pop Tart

Sooo FYI I am not much of a DIY’er! I love to try every now and then when I get the occasional itch, but typically I prefer to buy things already made in their final, intended form, all parts and pieces already put together! When it comes to food however, I love to DIY! I believe … Continue Reading

Self Inflicted Torture

Going out with my toddler lately is nothing short of pure, self inflicted torture! The screaming, the whining, the throwing, the spilling, the AGONY! And not to mention the looks of disapproval from fellow diners, ughh they are the worst! For such a people pleaser type person like myself, the looks of annoyance on their … Continue Reading