I am not a live plant person, but I totally wish I was! Plants immediately begin to die just upon arriving at my house despite my greatest  efforts! Okay… so actually my efforts probably aren’t that great, and that could be a huge part of the problem! But regardless, I really envy those people that do have the patience and desire to tend to, water, and care for plants. They have a naturally green thumb that I would kill for. I hate them cuz I aint them… and I so badly wish that plants and I could have a thriving and happy relationship, because to me, there is nothing that I think adds more beauty, dimension, and character to a space as much as plants do! Fake plants and I get along GREAT, but I can’t decide if I think fake plants are tacky or not..?? I think I kinda do, and completely prefer the real deal!

Fig Tree CareI have had to lay to rest pretty much every plant that I have ever attempted to adopt into my family, but I do have two plants however, that I REFUSE to give up on! My two Fiddle Leaf Fig trees. I love these two fig trees as little members of my family, and I could never give up on them, despite how hard they make it. These fig trees, along with all the other past plants in my life, are not loving it here in my house. They quickly become sad looking, wilted, and brown and crusty if they are not getting the attention and proper fig tree care that they want! I continually have to go to great lengths to make them feel welcome, safe, and comfortable in their home. My own real children probably feel slightly overshadowed by the amount of attention and care I have to give to these two plants!Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree Care

These Fiddle Leafed fig babes of mine are so cool and so beautiful, but SOOO high maintenance! Fig tree care is no joke! We are talking almost as bad as my whiny, picky toddler kinda bad! I get the feeling that these types of plants must be female, and it’s almost like they are showing me the same kind of attitude that I give when I am hangry or hormonal! Not cool, lets just be friends not frenemies. I mean I guess I should be able to relate to them… They need to be fed in large amounts in very specific increments, and are super sensitive to the amount of light they receive in the house. I get it! I get it!!Fig tree Care

I guess I will just continue to slave over these beauties, and cater to their every picky need because I love these plants so much! Chances are, if you have a space in your home that just needs that extra “something,” a Fiddle Leafed Fig Tree is a great solution to your design dilemma. They are super versatile in terms of style and look great with most any look! Despite being a bit of a problem child, they are an awesome addition to any room!


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