I am seriously diggin on some fringe! LOVE LOVE LOVE me some of this fringe trend that seems to be basically everywhere I turn. At first, I looked and sorta admired all this fringy biz from a distance, thinking to myself that it was cute for those kinds of people who really cared about being trendy, and loved their style to be on the bolder side of life, but for my predominantly black, white, gray, or striped wardrobe, all this colored fringy tassel stuff seemed a bit much. Wellll…. Turns out I was way wrong! Being fringy is just freakin fun! And there is nothing that does more for my basic neutral outfits than adding an element of flare! When my basics meet a bold fringy pop, a match is made in heaven!Fringe Factor

I got my first taste of the fringe with this amazing pair of black leather sandals! I think the fact that these sandals were black, my FAVORITE color in fashion, is what initially enticed me to try them on. I have to say though, that once I put them on, I became obsessed with their little fringe factor. These sandals were a neutral color and seriously comfortable, typically the ONLY two qualities that really matter to me, but surprisingly that was not my favorite part of these sandals, it was the fringe. Something about those fun leather tassels instantly made me feel good and added a little pep to my step. When I throw these Vans Kihana Fringe sandals on with my mundane daily go-to clothes, I instantly feel that much cuter and that much funner!Fringe Factor

I took the next step in my relationship with fringe with this amazing pair of heels! Although I am typically scared of A LOT of color, and totallyyyyy love and am loyal to my neutral wardrobe, there is a time and place, and sometimes this itch, the good kind of itch, that I get to wear color. And when that time comes, a cobalt blue is one of my FAVES!!! So when I found this incredible pair of Steve Madden Fringly heels in that color AND covered in fringe, I knew we were meant to be!Fringe FactorFringe Factor

To me, the cobalt blue color is just so beautiful, eye catching, and fun! It is a color that stands out as a bold statement, but still can look classic and pair with so many different things. To have this color in a fringy heel will totally up my dressy game! The classic LittleBlackDress, jumpsuit, or pants can now go in a whole new, eye-catching direction. The fringe and bright color can even stand up to a lot of color and patterns, turns out it doesn’t need to be contained to only complementing neutrals which is what I would usually do. I typically tend to stay away from loud colors and looks, I feel like my mouth is usually loud enough, but I went out on a limb and wore these bold shoes with an equally bold dress and LOVED it!Fringe Factor

Fringe FactorFringe is just so awesome because it can really go both ways! It can either add an extra special element to something to dress it up, or be playful enough to pair with some skinny jeans and a blouse! MUUAAAH! Love you fringe! Thanks for coming into in my life and rocking my world! I will keep you at a bit of a distance though I must say….just because I think the fringe on fringe on fringe look is just too much! A little fringe goes a long way, which is why I like it so so much!Fringe Factor

I wish I could tell you where to find the amazing dress shown in the pictures, but unfortunately it is an older dress and no longer available… whomp whommmp. BUT All my fringy shoe friends are available AND in a bunch of different colors, alllll of which I am sure I will need!



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