Gaaahhhh!!! I am freakingggg out over Moto pants right now! I cannot get enough of these in my life! I want to own all of them, in all colors, all fabrics, and wear them at all times! Lord knows I LOVE a legging! But I have always loved the black, smooth, plain, basic, boring leggings. They have been my go-to pants FOR-EV-AH for EVERYYYTHINGGG! I mean, they are so comfy, so versatile, and so slimming, so you can’t really blame me! But yes, I am realizing that there is more to life than plain black leggings! Whoa…. I can’t believe I just said that! But I did, because my narrow legging mind has been opened, blown actually, by Moto pant leggings!Moto Pants

These pants are just too cool! And I guess I thought that they were maybe too cool for me. Like who did I think I was, pulling up to the grocery store with a dirty messy bun, no makeup, and looking a fool at the complete mercy of my screaming toddler who’s about to have a full on melt down at any moment, but wearing majorly awesome pants?? My toilet cleaning, laundry doing, diaper changing life just isn’t chic enough for these pants right? Well this is the thing my peeps…. I was wrong, and I decided that it’s my party and I can Moto pant if I want to!Moto Pants

I love the edgy style of these pants, and how they can really take any outfit from drab to fab! (I don’t know why I just used that line…yikes). But seriously, this textured and funky style really adds such a cool element to any outfit, and remains so versatile that it can be worn with almost any look you are going for! I first decided that I HAD to have a pair of these pants when I saw these ALO Moto Leggings hanging on the rack in my Barre studio. They were just so different and so cool, and my inner edgy, spontaneous, fun self totally needed a pair. Well, I guess I need to listen to this side of me more often because my pant/legging situation has been majorly amped up since going all Moto! The ALO Moto Leggings are soooo incredible because they are literally yoga pants, with all the stretchy, soft, elasticity that exercise leggings have to offer, while being so stylish that I can pair them with a cute shirt and heels and totally rock these pants out on the town!Moto Pants

After experiencing how awesome it was to sit at the cool pants table, I definitely needed to stock my Moto wardrobe with a few more necessary colors, like olive green and white, of course! I found these SUPER cute and SOOO comfy pair of Beulah/ JAX Moto Leggings that were the perfect solution to my Moto pant deficiency problem! The soft denimish/cottonish fabric is ultra soft, and the elastic waist makes them a dream to wear allll day err day!Moto Pants

Moto Pants

So the thing is, Moto pants are NOT too cool for my ummm not-so-glamorous life! But rather what they DO do is give my mundane, at times, daily routine a sense of style and flare and make me feel like I can still be cool and chic even while on my hands and knees cleaning up goldfish crumbs, dirty laundry, spilled juice, and endless toys! So whether it be to hit the Barre studio before running a bunch of errands, holing up in a coffee shop to chill and relax, or slinging on the heels and going out, there is a Moto pant waiting, wanting to add just a little extra spice to your day.Moto Pants

If you are a local South Orange County-an and are looking to get these leggings locally and have the opportunity to try them on, the ALO Moto Leggings are available at San Juan Studio Barre HERE , and you can hit up @astudio_popup on Insta for access to the Beulah Moto Jeggings! Go get yo Moto on!Moto Pants




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