I am totally a bar(re) kinda girl! It turns out that the majority of my most favorite things seem to all be somehow bar related! Give me a Wine Bar, Coffee Bar, Chocolate Bar, or a studio to take Barre and I am one very very happy girl! It seems that I have yet to meet a type of bar that I didn’t totally love (except you, protein bar, sorry but you just don’t do it for me). So then it only seems natural I guess, that I have developed such a deep love, and maybe even a slight addiction to the Studio Barre method exercise classes!I'll Be At The Barre

I am not a LOVER of working out! To say the least! I consider most types of exercise as a form of torture, only necessary so that I can feel less guilty about having an extra glass of Cabernet and indulging in large amounts of dark chocolate later! But thennn I was introduced to Barre exercise classes! And my feelings on exercise totally changed, sorta. Barre… of the exercise, not the coffee or wine kind, has been one of my favorite things to do for the past few years despite the fact that it is also an insane workout. As my heart began to soften towards exercise, this particular kind at least, I realized how incredible and powerful this awesome form of exercise can be!I'll Be At The Barre

There is something about the Barre classes that I just cannot get enough of! I have had the privilege of practicing at a number of different variations of Barre studios, and I have found my home with Studio Barre. Their workouts, instructors, inclusive and encouraging atmosphere, and AMAZING retail selection cannot be matched by any other barre studios out there!! Studio Barre totally keeps me in check both physically and mentally, which I can assure you is no easy task! Sometimes I think that check yourself before you wreck yourself should be my daily mantra!  Anyway… It is not only an amazing full body workout, but I always leave with a clearer, and more refreshed mind too. Whether it is my thoughts getting lost in the beat of the awesome, loud music, or getting lost in the insaaanely challenging moves, the class always manages to clear my mind of everything and anything other than the present moment. This is heaven for my constantly worrying and over-thinking, and stressing brain! Barre classes are like my own little personal trainer, vacay from the kids, and therapy sesh all wrapped up into one pretty little package!I'll Be At The Barre

It amazes me how the one small hour I spend at Barre class has the ability to have such a positive impact on the entire rest of the day! I have learned that exercise has the power to be so therapeutic, and such an awesome way to de-stress and unwind, so I am SOO thankful to have found a way to get that exercise in a way that I can truly enjoy and look forward to! Not to mention the added bonus of getting to hang out and build friendships with the amazing girls at my San Juan studio! PLUS another TOTAL PERK…. Barre attire happens to be sooo comfy and SUPER DUPER CUTE, the obvious key component of whether or not I will like a workout!

So do yourself a favor this week, and find some time between your morning coffee and nightly plop onto the couch with a glass of wine routine to hit the barre! If you’re in the southern Orange County area, check out my local studio in San Juan, you can find their info HERE! You will feel so good physically and mentally! I know I do! My most FAVORITE days start with Barre class, followed up by my fave cup of coffee of course! PLUS!!! When you start your day with Barre, there is no guilt in chowing down on that chocolate bar later, as you hit up the coffee bar again, and dream about plans to go lounge at a wine bar!I'll Be At The Barre



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