Hellooo beautiful! It has been a long afternoon and I have been dreaming about you, dear wine, allll dayyyy long! So is it wine O’ clock yet?  Because sometimes adulting is hard! Especially when trying to do it somewhat gracefully on those overwhelming, and thankless, and stressful and never-ending days! But fear not my friends!!! We have wine! And wine loves us, and appreciates us, and makes us feel like it’s all going to be ok!


I LOVE wine! Obviously… Especially Red Wine. I like white wine too, and I think there is a time and place for it sometimes, but my heart is with the Reds! A glass of a good Cabernet Sauvignon feels a little bit like a big warm hug that I just want to nestle up in! And a really good Syrah feels like wrapping yourself up in a super soft blanket, aahhhhh! Yep, Luxe Faux Fur Throw Blanket, you are what a good red wine feels like!!!Wino

Don’t you think wine is just FUN!? I know I do, and I have loved getting more and more acquainted with wine, and all the different varietals, and characteristics that it has to offer! Wine has yet to let me down when it comes to enjoying myself, and I find that the more of it I drink and the more I learn about it, it just gets funner and funner! There will always be another new wine to try, compare, discuss and maybe become a new favorite! It’s a constant hunt for me, just like it is for shoes! You can never have too many incredible shoes! A really amazing shoe will have the ability to transform an outfit and the way you feel, just like a really amazing wine can do for your senses! And lets be honest, if I’m not really feeling it in a certain outfit, I am sure that after a glass or two, I’ll be loving whatever I am wearing.Wino

So the next time you go to Target looking for a good time, but your screaming toddler has different plans, don’t be sad, a good sturdy Cabernet that has the boldness to deal with never ending tantrums is at home, waiting to help you relax and show you a good time! And the next time you find you and your house covered in food, dirt, snot, or worse, rest easy, there is a luxurious and decadent Syrah waiting for you in the other room to make you feel like royalty rather than the household maid!Wino

I try to always have at least a few of my favorite go-to bottles on hand! Knowing that one of my fave wines is just hanging out in the other room waiting for me to enjoy later on can make any blah day seem so much better, and any awesome day just that much more amazing! Here are a few of my favorite go-to bottles that you can find at most big grocery stores and wine retailers…

Justin Cabernet Sauvignon- $25  To me this wine is just ALWAYS good! Big and Bold with some good warm spiciness. But balanced and full and delish

Au Bon Climat Pinot Noir- $20  Smooth and full of character. Light and delicate, which is NOT what I look for in a wine, but this one manages to have a fullness to it that I really like

Stags Leap Petit Sirah- $35 Decadent and Luxurious. Smooth while still having strong and rich spice flavors. Soo yummy

Paraduxx Red Blend- $45 Such a cool wine! This wine is big and bold and has a lot going on. It’s a full bodied complex wine, but manages to be well-balanced so you can enjoy all it has to offer!

Casillero del Diablo Carmenere- $9 Great easy to drink wine that has a lot of fun rich flavors. Not too heavy, but has a good kick to it. One of my faves!

Enkidu Pinot Noir- $30 This is not what I would expect out of a Pinot! Which is probably why I love it so much! Light and fun, but kicked up a few notches!

Give some these a try and let me know what you think! I promise you wont be disappointed! What are some of your favorite go-to’s???


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