If I had a dollar for every time I thought about, wished I had, or wanted to get a pair of amazing leather pants, I would no doubt have enough money to actually buy that perfect pair. There is something about a pair of black leather leggings and heels that is so classic and chic, while still having this awesome edginess to them. I only hope that I too can aspire to these same qualities one day! Classic style with an edge, who knew my personal aspirations would also be what I look for in pants?? Hmm…


But since I have not been given a dollar for every passing thought of that perfect pair of real leather pants, I cannot afford to buy them either! My dream pair runs well over $500, and well, there is just about one too many zeros on that number for me to rationalize spending that much on one article of clothing. Despite how badly I would LOVE to have these pants, they are just not worth sacrificing my children’s future college educations for!

Leggings and Heels


Luckily for me, there is an alternative that I am equally obsessed with! Nordstrom’s Liquid Leggings are a faux leather pant that I absolutely love. These pants are literally everything I want in a leather pant, but in a very reasonably priced legging form! Yes, that’s right! Legging!!! Do we know what this means? Elastic waist! I would probably be more likely to actually pay $500 for an incredible pair of real leather pants if I could get them with an elastic waist! Dream come true! But now I don’t even have to pick between between putting food on the table or buying cool pants, we can have them both!

Leggings and HeelsThese leggings are super flattering and fit really well. They create that sleek silhouette that you would get from a real leather pair, but still provide the stretch and comfort you would get from a legging! To me they are a perfect combo of everyday luxurious. For those nights when I’ve got somewhere to go and be dressed up for, but still need to vacuum the house, pick up kids at the baseball field, and change the baby in the trunk of the car, these pants are my BFF! They go seamlessly from being a cute and comfortable leggings and sneakers look for my hectic afternoon, straight to an edgy leggings and heels look for my much needed night out.

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