So here is my schtick on Lip Stick… There are few makeup products out there that I love more than lip products! Whether it be a dark, bright, sheer or clear color, there is ALWAYS something on my lips. I don’t need blown out hair or even a put together outfit to feel cute and ready to take on the day, just give me a smudge of color or some vaseline on my lips, and I am feeling ready to roll! Whatever my situation may be, whether it be wanting to feel all dolled up for a day/night out, or needing to fake looking somewhat presentable in order to go to the grocery store, lip stuff is my go-to answer. No shower, no makeup, no problem!! Throw my hair up in a messy bun, cover my face with a cute pair of sunnies, and smear some pretty color into my lips and I am hot to trot!lips

I am a bit of a vaseline-a-holic! My lips are probably completely made up of vaseline at this point due to my long time love affair and obsession with vaseline. But sometimes, especially lately, I like to mix it up a bit. I like to give the 8 jars of vaseline I have lying around my bathroom, purse, car, kitchen, and living room a little bit of a vacay, and try putting something new to work! And I have to say, that my latest lip color situation is definitely getting the job done! Thank you Maybelline!lips

Lip color and lip products have always been something that I have loved playing around with! And when it comes to all the different types of lip color out there, I have found that I am definitely more of a lip stain type girl, as opposed to the thick, creamy looks of a lipstick or a lip gloss. Although, because I will try any lipstick or gloss product if the color is awesome, and the commercial says it is amazing, I have ended up with quite the collection of beautifully colored lipsticks that rarely get worn because of that thick creamy look that I despise! Typically my go-to lipstick application method is to apply the stuff, and then blot basically allll of it off, hoping that the lipstick left a good little stain of color behind. Annoying! Plus, I never really end up with the color I was going for. That’s why I am LOVING some of these new types of lip products that are out there! ESPECIALLY this Maybelline ColorBlur stuff!lips

On the occasions that my clear friend vaseline isn’t lighting my fire, I have lately been LOVING different shades of bubblegum pinks, and bright magenta-ey grape purples. There is something about these colors that seems to spice up whatever my look is without feeling like I am completely done up. The colors are fun and bright and so they feel somewhat more casual to me than say a red, or plum color would. And because I think I am practically incapable of buying clothes that are anything but a neutral color, adding in a bright and funky lip color not only complements anything I am wearing, but really makes me feel like I am stepping up my game! Maybelline Baby Lips has a sheer in these colors pink and purples that I love too! I use them on top of the ColorBlur, or just on their own for a more casual look. lips

I have been using this Pink Insanity ColorBlur by Maybelline on the daily lately! It is basically what I have always wished lip colors would be! It is a lightweight matte color that you just smear into your lips, giving them a stained matte look. The color can be as subtle and sheer as you want, without the actual integrity of the color changing at all depending on how much you smear into your lips. For a more casual sheer look, I smudge some on and then apply a little bit of vaseline on top, and for a more dramatic dressy look, I apply more and top with a tinted lip moisturizer. This stuff is so awesome, and my mission is to have it in EVERY. SINGLE. COLOR!!! Thank you Maybelline for getting inside my head and creating everything I always wished and hoped for in a lip product! XOXOlips



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