My mom is one of my most favorite people on the planet! She is truly such an amazing woman, and I thank God EVERY day that I get to have her in my life. The influence that she has had on me, my childhood and family growing up, and my own family that I have made now is something that I am BEYOND thankful mom

Growing up, I remember feeling like there were just so many magical parts of life. Whether it was my sisters and I playing dress up with my mom’s old dresses, turning the entire house into our own “store” or stage, or photo shoot, or whatever imaginary thing it was that day, waking up to her fruit cocktail and yogurt crepes, or getting to sleep downstairs and falling asleep to Nick at Night, my mom was there, making all those seemingly magical times happen, and making our life so fun, so exciting, and so mom

In my family, there are few things more special and filled with excitement and wonder than the holidays! And I now know as an adult, that wasn’t magic, but rather my mom and months of preparation and creativity and baking and buying and wrapping and planning and decorating. The excitement and magic that Christmas would bring as a child is something that I will never forget, and still holds such a warm and special feeling in my heart. Of course the birth of my Savior is what makes Christmas so special, but now as an adult trying to recreate for my kids the “Magic” that the holidays were for me is a very very daunting task that I cannot seem to accomplish with the same ease and grace that she does. And I can only pray to make it HALF as amazing for my kids as my mom made it for me! And the same type of thoughtfulness, planning and creativity that she put into the big holidays, she put into all the little holidays and everything in between! If it was St. Patricks Day, she would dye our eggs green, if it was valentines day, we would come home to frosted sugar cookies with personalized love messages written on them. My mom was and is the master of making life soo soo special!my mom

I know that my beautiful mom got her thoughtful traits from my beautiful grandma who passed away this year. If anyone can match my moms ability to make everyday moments special, and bring joy to any occasion it was my grandma. Her smile and spark lit up every room she was in, and my mom definitely got this from her and has the same affect on our family. I can only hope to one day live up to the amazing women that my mom and grandma are, and to raise a family in the same thoughtful, and selfless way that they mom

While I continue to strive and struggle to be half the woman, friend, and mother to my kids that my mom was and is to me, they luckily have the joy of having her as their grandma to make up for all my shortcomings. My kids have no idea how lucky they are to have my mom as their grandma! Her energy, care, joy, fun, and love that she has and shares with them is one of the most amazing and precious things to me. I am such a lucky and blessed gal to get to call this woman my mom and friend. She has become my most treasured friendship, and could not imagine getting through this thing called motherhood without her. We have been through so much together, and it’s actually really more like I have PUT her through so much haha, but she has always been the one person I needed and could count on no matter what was going on And the fact that through everything I have come out on the other side considering her and wanting her as a close friend is something that I cherish more than anything. I love you so much mommers!my loves


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