Spring has officially sprung! Woohoo!…. Sort of.  So honestly, Spring is just not really my fave as far as the seasons go. I don’t know if it’s the fact that floral patterns and pastel palettes aren’t really my thing, my allergies go into major overdrive this time of year, Cadbury Eggs kinda gross me out, or the fact that I can’t trick my kids into going to bed at 6:30pm when it is now still light as day outside! But whatever the reason may be, Spring just doesn’t typically get me as excited as some other seasons do. Of course there are plenty of things that I DO love about this time of year, like the abundance of beautiful blooms everywhere I go, super fresh and flavorful springy foods, the prospect of cloudy rainy days, and MOST of all, Spring FASHION, specifically and especially a ROMPER!!!

spring romper

spring romperSpring fashion trends have to be able to stand up the unpredictable warmer, but still might get cold weather that Spring brings. Or for us Southern Californians, it’s what we seem to struggle with on a daily, year round basis depending on the time of day. This must be why one of my favorite go-to fashion looks is opposite extremes on top and bottom. I love pairing a flowy long sleeved shirt or heavy sweater with a pair of short shorts, or wearing a heavier high waisted, wide-leg pant with a tight fitted, tucked in tank. Or BEST yet, a long sleeved romper! If it’s business up top, I like a party on the bottom. I guess I like my look to be a little mullet inspired? Business in the front, and party in the back?! And this is why there are not many clothing pieces as perfect and as awesome as a romper!spring rompera romper

Ohhh how I love me a romper! I’m pretty sure that a romper (and yes, you too jumpsuit) are one of the most perfect clothing creations ever! Not only do they provide that perfect balance of versatility for warm but also maybe cool weather, but they are also so capable of being either dressy and/or casual! And let’s not forget my favorite part… They are ONE PIECE! This is my indecisive self’s dream! Not so dreamy when you have to pee really bad however, but that’s beside the point… If someone kidnapped me and told me nothing of where we were going, what we were doing, or what the weather would be, I could put on a long sleeved romper or short sleeved jumpsuit and literally be ready for anything. So thank you spring for bringing new and amazing styles of these perfect little clothing articles to us every year!spring romper

My two favorite rompers are my Blue and White Drawstring romper by Yumi Kim, and my Black Floral elastic waist romper from Forever 21. These both are such staples in my wardrobe and are some of my most complimented on and borrowed things. My blue Yumi Kim romper is a few years old but I am in love with this Yumi Kim piece from her current season. Forever 21 always has an awesome selection of rompers as well. The colors and bold print of this Forever 21 romper is so awesome! If your closet is lacking in the romper category, do yourself a favor and find one to add to your wardrobe! I promise you that you will soon be cheering Rah Rah Rah Rompers with me!

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