Going out with my toddler lately is nothing short of pure, self inflicted torture! The screaming, the whining, the throwing, the spilling, the AGONY! And not to mention the looks of disapproval from fellow diners, ughh they are the worst! For such a people pleaser type person like myself, the looks of annoyance on their faces makes me want to crawl under my table and hide. But hey, I have a right to go out to too, and I have the right to keep believing in my little fantasy that maybe this one time it will be different and it will all go smoothly! Maybe this beast mode phase is over for the kids, and I can return to my preferred lifestyle of going out to relax and enjoy each other, as opposed to my current lifestyle of living in fear of my kids behavior every time I step out in public.

The problem is that I just love to go out, and so I continue to do this to myself because the risk is worth the reward! Or so I keep telling myself. I love nothing more than sitting down in a restaurant with an awesome atmosphere, perusing a really good wine list, and trying multiple things from the menu over the course of a long, relaxing night out of the house. Whether it is going to one of my favorite spots and having one of my fave bottles of wine, or trying some place totally new and letting the bartender make all my decisions for me, going out is definitely one of my favorite things to do.

I cannot and will not give up on this hobby, or dare I say skill of mine! So on those occassions when the babysitter isn’t available and I am craving a night out of the house, I choose to have selected amnesia about the past experiences dining with the kids, and just suck it up! I immediately order a really good bottle of wine, take a deep breath and hope for the best. Lately I have been loving the 2012 Paraduxx. It’s a red blend that has a very elegant and balanced quality to it, while still having the spice and complexity that I love. Once a glass of this baby is poured, it’s going to be a great night despite the tantrum happening at the other end of the table!

Restaraunt: Cucina Enoteca – Irvine Spectrum


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