So it turns out aging is real!! I remember the days when ample sleep, vitamins, sunscreen, and a daily skin routine were saved for those super uptight people that I was DEFINITELY not going to be! Well here I am, settling into my thirties, LOVING sleep, wanting vitamins, scared to leave the house without sunscreen, and NEEDING routine in my life….womp wommpp. I have grown into this person who loves the comfort of daily routines, but I have been having the hardest time getting myself into a good skin care routine. Over the years I have made such a (bad) habit of going to bed with my makeup on, and then waking up only having to add whatever touch ups I needed to my existing makeup from the previous day. Easy? yep! Pathetic and so bad for your skin? TOTALLY YES!

skin routine

I have been making a serious effort to bust this bad habit and make it routine to wash and moisturize my face EVERY night, and again in the morning, due mostly to the fact that my skin just keeps getting duller and duller, and drier, and wrinklier(?), and well… older. I am proud to say that I have actually been pretty consistent and successful in my efforts, Go ME!! Even on my most half-asleep, zombie-like trips to bed, I have still managed to stick my face over the sink and wash off my makeup! Who am I? A grown up? Whatever this new found healthy skin routine habit is, I am LOVING it! It feels really great to not only see a difference in my skin, but to know that I am actually doing something good and proactive for myself.

skin routine

My previous skincare regimen, if we can even use the words skincare and regimen together, consisted of every once in awhile wiping my face down with makeup remover cloths. I would literally have to scrub my eyes so hard in the attempt at removing the multiple days worth of eye makeup off that my face burned so badly afterwards. Lately however, I have been using Philosophy’s Purity face wash, which is such a gentle and moisture rich cleanser, that my face feels so amazing afterwards. It’s  even so effective that all my makeup, eyes included, comes off without any scrubbing or scraping! I love it, and I LOVE how much brighter, fresher, and supple my skin has felt since using this regularly. Who knew going to bed and waking up with a fresh face felt so good! Mind! Blown!skin care

I have also been wanting/needing to incorporate some daily moisturizers into my routine. I think it is SO important to use something with an SPF, and since I am new to the skincare game and unsure of what products are out there and what I like best, I just grabbed something reasonably priced that offered a day and night cream. I have been using No. 7’s Protect and Perfect Day and Night Creams and have really liked them. They seem to be slightly oily which I actually really like because my face is on the way drier side of life. It feels so good to moisturize my face, I actually can’t stop sometimes…I just stand there, and keep rubbing more and more of this stuff into my face! Moisturizing skin routine… I think we will be great friends!skincare

I have a feeling that my new found skincare routine becomes a habit based on how good my skin has been feeling and looking! I have even started to occasionally use this Origins 10 Minute Mask that is awesome! I sorta don’t know who I am with this whole healthy skin obsession, but I am happy to get better acquainted! What’s your skin routine? What are your go-to favorite products?

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